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Over the years, i've worked with hundreds of clients. Together we've achieved some pretty amazing results. From the site redesign of a national magazine, to the entire promotional materials for a company presence at the National Association of Broadcasters booth done at 0 hour (booth graphics included), i've seen/done it all in some capacity. The coolest part is that i've learned as much from each client as they've learned from me.

Please find the below copies of my resume (curriculum vitae). If you would like to schedule an interview or otherwise discuss how I could be a vital part of your company in this or another appropriate capacity, don't hesitate to call or email.

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NOTE: Resume update in progress, email if you would like to receive one.

My web sites have gotten plenty of Site of the Day awards and some of them have been published in books, magazines, newspapers, and some have even received national television exposure, but that doesn't mean they're reaching the right people; I know they're reaching the right people because of the direct response from users. Not just great emails, but commerce transactions, referrals, votes and ratings, and yes of course... traffic.

Here's a sample of some of the feedback i've received recently -
"We are blown away by your recent round of work, and find it strikingly different than anything else from the usual web... We appreciate the great work you do for us"
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My work has been seen in Entrepreneur Magazine, The National Association of Broadcasting Conference, The Los Angeles Times, Tech TV / G4 Tv, NBC, CBS, PBS, Automotive Literature (Ford, Mazda), The Annual Animation Explosion, The University of Oregon and many, many more.

For a further detailed list of clients and projects, please navigate to any of the portfolio pages within the site.

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